Just A few of our customers comments


My Annette arrived by FEDEX this morning and from what I'm told, No. 006 is the first to arrive in the U.S. 
For those worrying about shipping, don't.  Mine was double boxed with styrofoam between the boxes, and the inner box was unmarked.  It survived the rigors of Royal Mail, FEDEX Int., US Customs and FEDEX again without as much as a fingerprint.  Either that or someone at Customs polished it before repacking. 
David states that mine had more than 6 hours run time, yet it was impossible to tell.  Instructions are well written and easily understood, and much time was spent tying the instructions to appropriate legible photos.  From the start, I have to compliment David on the quality of work.  Fittings & plumbing, paint, soldering, brazing and assembly give no indication that this is such an early production model.  But for the Sabre Steam builders plate in the cab, it could easily be mistaken for a factory built Roundhouse.  Having 3 superb Roundhouse locos, I expect the chassis on this to run flawlessly as well. 
All I have to do is learn to fire up with coal to do David's work Justice.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a chance to fire it up for the first time, and this weekend at a club steamup, I'll take photos and a video showing my new Annette in action. 
David, thank you.  For everyone else, please say a prayer for me as I take my first shot at coal firing.
Will Lindley


Yesterday, I had an opportunity to run my new Annette at a fund raiser for training "Service Dogs" to assist persons with various handicaps.  With me , to help me learn how to properly fire a coal fired loco were Tom Myers and Fred Gandolfi.  I learned that the charcoal and coal pieces I was using were larger than preferred, but we went ahead anyway.  After getting it fired up on charcoal and then loading coal, it steamed up well, and then steam pressure settled at about 20 lbs.  We simply couldn't get it to go higher, and of course, getting it to move was tough at best.  We couldn't figure out what was wrong. 
Using the trial and error process while looking for solutions,  I took the longer poker and fiddled around between the ash pan and grate to clean out some junk and the fire toooooook off!  From that point,  the pressure gauge held at a steady 50 lbs, and I had a strong run of about of about 30 min with stops only for more coal and water.
Am I happy?  You bet, I'm very happy.  Once I learned how to get and keep a fire going, Annette "Ran like a Roundhouse" as we say on this side of the Pond.  Take a look at the video  on the following link that my friend Tom Myers shot.  It says it all!  I'm the guy in the red apron.


I truly wish I could have taken David's offer to be tutored at his layout before taking the loco home.  That would have solved my initial firing problems.  Although I couldn't be there in person, David took time to give me quite a few written hints and has inquired about my satisfaction.
During my  run, all I could do was smile.  Am I satisfied?  Absolutely.  I could be a salesman for Sabre Steam.
David, thanks, and keep up the good work!

Will Lindley




                                                                                                  FROM JOHN MORGAN


Many thanks for the delivery of my Annette Loco at the AGM on Saturday. The loco looks suberb.
On Sunday morning I fitted the drop links then sat and read your instructions regarding the firing. I fired up the loco according to your instructions and what a superb locomotive you have produced! The whole procedure is un hurried and relaxed. The loco is a suberb runner and makes more than enough steam. The loco is easy to fire, helped by the large fire hole and the drop down fire box door, its so easy to use.
I ran the Loco for an hour light engine, then hooked up a heavy train and off she went without any hesitation, again making more than enough steam for the run.
What did suprise me was the condition of the loco when I had finished the run, it was almost spotless. No messy grit all over the body work. The disposal of the fire was simplicity itself, the combined grate and ashpan works well. Inside the smoke box a little light grey ash was found, the boiler tubes were clear. Priming was at a minimum.
I am more than satisfied with the loco you have supplied. A splendid looking and running machine, you should be very proud I know I am to own one. Thanks again..

                                                                FROM RICHARD BAILEY

I now have my coal fired Annette at home having collected it from David Cooper yesterday. This included a demonstration on David's track of the loco and how to coal fire.
Of course David made the firing look easy, steam was soon raised and he had the loco chuffing back and forth with no trouble. Plenty of steam with all the right noises and smells.
For anyone with no experience of coal firing the demonstration is most worth while. It does give an insite into the art of how to do it and now when I try for myself I know it can be done.
As to the loco I am very pleased with the finished article. Mine is matt black which I think looks good. It is unmistakably Lady Anne with an abbreviated rear cab. It does appear a very sensible and practical conversion to coal firing , giving good access to the fire box and necessary valves.
To finish off David packed the loco and accessories in stout cardboard boxes complete with Sabresteam logos and a ring bound instruction book..
Nice professional touches which give a goog feeling.
I now look forward to getting out on my own track and having a go.

Richard Bailey

Just been out trying my Annette this afternoon. Pleased to say very good run.
Everything worked just as it should, able to hold up fire with blower which kept up steam pressure and complete cycle worked as it should.
Thank you for a very good loco. I feel now that I am on my way to having much fun in the art of coal firing.
Best wishes
Richard Bailey



His Second Loco from Sabre Steam

Sunday morning, dull and overcast, just the right time for a steam up! 

Annabel, the first of the production run.

What can I say? The grin on my face was so wide the top of my head was in danger of falling off!  Such another easy locomotive to fire and run and dare I say that its easier than Annette. The wider deeper firebox really comes into its own now, with all the goods stock that I have, she pulls away as if there is nothing behind her at all.

With the full goods train, the bypass closed, no blower on and a heavy "Chuff" the fire in the firebox glows with the draw of the fire across the coal.  Absolutely first class.  Slow and ponderous, just like the real thing.   

Many thanks again     John Morgan

Here's John's Annabel running on his indoor line

My Sabre Steam Annabel steaming on Llanwellyn. The layout is 32ft long and between 6 to 8 feet wide. The locomotive is a dream to operate. It has a large and deep firebox together with a well designed boiler and Roundhouse "Billy" chassis.  The fire burns hot and all thats left after a run is white ash in the smokebox and grate. The coal used on the run was smokeless. Non smokeless causes clinker in the smoke box, but the smell is still there!


David,   I have now completed one and a half hours of home running with my Annette and I'm very happy indeed with the loco - both in it's build quality and in it's performance.  I was also very pleased with your service in general and in particular with the half day spent together while you sorted out my driving & loco care.  Thank you very much and I wish you all success with the Walsall Locomotive Works.   Chris Unitt.


                                                                                   FROM ANDY BOLLE in AUSTRALIA    

Boy am I impressed, in every way. Box had been given a bit of a beating, but everything inside was untouched, due to all the padding and careful packaging.

Love the hand tools!  Great little blower, very tidy… but of course something else stole the show completely, my little Annabel.

She is just gorgeous. The loco carries the appeal of something that has been handcrafted, very carefully and with love. It also looks ‘just right’, as if she has always looked like that and wouldn’t look any other way. Well done, that is a credit to you and your many years of experience.

Further updates to follow as news comes to hand. Thanks again for everything David.

Best regards,

Andy Bolle

                                                                                          More from ANDY BOLLE


                               WATCH HIS FIRST RUNS     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rQQGFsJJ1I


Just a quick update on my Annabel, it arrived on Monday in perfect condition, even though the outer box had clearly been around the world!     First impressions were jaw dropping,  everything that was supposed to be there was, beautifully wrapped and packaged and there were happy oooh's and aaah's as each bit was inspected.   Blower, hand tools, all the bits and bobs, heck the instructions were easy and interesting to read!   I've referred back to them every night since.    But, it was my Annabel that stole the show, what a beautiful little beastie she is. Perfectly proportioned, she just looked 'right'.  By now you are probably thinking I'm gushing a bit, well I admit I am, but know this, I'm a fussy bugger with a sharp critical eye for detail.

First steam attempts; This ended up as a bit of a disaster and frankly I was exhausted by the end of it, boiler water too low, safety valve going like crazy... oh well I opened the door and admitted defeat. Next go, managed the water better but killed the fire.. oh dear.

By this time I needed a pep talk, which I duly received from the ever helpful Mr Cooper (I live in Australia, so no chance of personal tuition on his track). He suggested I run Annabel on blocks, just two small lumps of wood to raise the wheels off the track to get a feel for whats going on.  Well, what a difference that made.   My FIRST attempt on blocks and I ran Annabel for just over an hour and only stopped because it was dinner time!

Yesterday (day off) I had two glorious runs of a good hour each, on the track.    What joy!!!     By the second run I pretended to be 'mister cool' and even shovelled in some stinky stuff, I nearly fell over with delight.

Finally, this is my first coal fired loco and if any of you are considering one of these, just go for it. I have only great things to say about my experience.

What a joy this loco is... Thank you once again for building such a fine machine

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